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Making Businesses Grow and Bloom with Talech

Born of a love for horticulture and floristry and located in the heart of downtown, London’s whimsical botanical boutique, Grow & Bloom Co., was founded in June 2017.

According to Grow & Bloom founder, Robin Lavery, “it’s purpose is to inspire and help re-connect people to nature while creating not only a retail space to house all things botanical, but also to create a workspace for individuals to explore and build on their creative talents”.


Grow&Bloom Team

Photo: Grow & Bloom Co.


Robin first heard about Paystone through a referral from another local business. Although initially unsure of which payment solution was the best fit for her blooming floral shop, after discussing her business’ needs and priorities, we recommended the talech point-of-sale system.

Talech is a user-friendly point-of-sale app with features designed to streamline the retail shop experience. What the Grow & Bloom family loves about talech is, that, “it is so efficient and simple to use; we got into it right away.''

As a small business owner and operator, you’re constantly wearing many hats. Any tools that simplify and automate tasks are invaluable to the success of your business. Being able to save time on the administrative and inventory end of things means more time to focus on sharing your passion with your customers and showing them new ways to experience your brand.

As their success with their botanical boutique has grown, they have been able to offer their customers a personalized and unique floral selection.

“The hunt for new and unusual varieties never stops! When we aren’t searching for new stock, we are upstairs in the studio designing florals for special events or teaching workshops, interiorscaping and floral design. We also offer citywide delivery, in-store potting services, horticultural consulting, special event and other plant-related advice.”

Talech Features to Keep Their Business Blooming


For Grow & Bloom, the inventory management and product catalogue features have been huge time-savers. The talech system tracks inventory, manages stock, does inventory counts, and provides analytics and reporting data.

“With talech, we basically put in photos of all our ­inventory and it manages our stock for us. The cool thing is, even when I’m at home I can see who sold what at what time. It also ­provides great analytics. If I want to go back and look at Christmas last year, I can go back and see what the sales were and plan accordingly”.




When Grow & Bloom first opened their doors, they were using paper receipt books and going through a book every day. As an environmentally-conscious business, the fact that they can save tons of paper using talech has been a great way to align their business operations with their values.

Rather than printing out receipts and tons of paperwork, they’ve been able to email their customers their receipts. It’s faster, easier, and way more environmentally-friendly.

Talech’s accounting integrations have also been a great way to minimize their paper waste. The integrations let them sync their sales data to their accounting software, so “we don’t have to print off reports - our accountant just logs in and gets what she needs”.


For Grow & Bloom, talech’s primary value has been huge time savings, allowing them to grow their services and invest in their team of talented and passionate botanists, artisans, and creatives.