One platform to grow your business.

Increase customer loyalty, sell gift cards, connect with customers, and accept payments — you can do it all with Paystone.

  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Gift card solutions
  • Integrated payment processing
Paystone is one platform to grow your business




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Why businesses choose us.

We are an award-winning company, we are Canadian, and we build
tools that empower people to grow their businesses.


Dedicated Support

Get the help you need when you need it most. Send us an email, or drop us a line, or chat with us online at any time. We also on-site technical support for our payment terminals.


Next-Day Funding

Our payment processing provides next-business-day transfers, so your business gets funding on time and your cash flow stays healthy.

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No Gift Card Fees

Activate, redeem, and reload your gift cards as many times as you want. We don’t charge gift card transaction fees, so you never pay more if you sell more.


No Loyalty Fees

No matter how big your loyalty member base gets, you never pay more. With a Paystone loyalty program, you get unlimited member sign-ups and reward redemptions.

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Fraud Prevention

Our fraud prevention tools keep your business safe with automated security updates, payment processing dispute notifications, chargeback support, and enhanced PCI solutions.


Fresh New Features

We release new features and improvements multiple times a year. On average, we invest 3 million yearly to develop tools that keep you ahead of the competition.

Restaurant owners using Paystone's engagement software and payment processing platform

Manage it all in one place.

Choose whether you want customers to earn points or punch card rewards and
what they’ll earn based on their spending.

  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Marketing Automation

Track Card Sales

Monitor in-store and online gift card sales and reduce fraud with on-demand access to your online dashboard and reports.

Gift cards amount activity

Track program performance

Access key information about your loyalty program, like active members, new members, and member visits and spending.

Total member sales

Engage members effortlessly

Generate personalized offers and create text messaging campaigns. Automatically send your members offers to bring them back more often.

Automated text message offer

Payment processing
built right in.

Our solution combines gift card, customer loyalty and marketing automation tools with payment processing so you can create repeat customers with every credit card tap, swipe, or insertion. With our integrated payment terminals, you can:

  • Activate and redeem gift cards
  • Activate loyalty cards
  • Redeem loyalty rewards
  • View transactions online in real-time
Built-in payment processing

You’re in good company.


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