Take payments
from your computer
or phone.

Charge credit card payments using your computer or phone. Simply log in to our online virtual terminal and charge.

Store owner accepting a payment over the phone on her Paystone virtual terminal
Map of Canada representing accepting remote payments from anywhere in the country

Accept payments from virtually anywhere.

Process credit card payments wherever you have internet access. Our virtual terminal makes it easy to take payments remotely or over the phone without needing a physical terminal or card reader.


Log in to your virtual terminal account


Enter your customer’s info or choose a card on file


Charge their card and get paid

Charge repeat customers
quickly and easily.

Store payment information and preferences in secure customer profiles that you can easily add to an order. You can also automatically charge your customers at set intervals with recurring payments.

  • Secure customer profiles
  • Recurring billing and subscriptions
  • Email receipts
Recurring Transactions
Employee in restaurant using virtual terminal

Bill, manage, and track — all in one place.


Recurring Billing

Make life easier with automated billing. Set up instalments or recurring plans, manage subscriptions, and get notified when payments occur.


Sales Insights

Get real-time reporting from any computer or mobile device. See detailed transaction histories, run custom reports, and analyse trends in revenue.


Customer Analytics

Gain insights about new, returning, and top customers. When used with your product catalogue, you can also pinpoint product preferences and upsell opportunities.


Product Catalogue

Manage all your products in one place. Organize your products by categories, create descriptions, and upload images.


Fraud Guard

Reduce your risk of chargebacks with fraud management tools that analyse transactions and allow you to review or decline transactions based on risk-level


Online Payment Gateway

Our virtual terminal also comes with e-commerce tools, including hosted payment pages, to help you accept payments on your website

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Customer in furnishings store using debit machine to pay with debit card

Need to take in-person
debit payments too?

Connect one of our PIN pads to your computer or phone,
and let your customers tap, swipe, or insert their debit
and credit cards to pay.

Premium Features

Online Invoicing

Send invoices to your customers' inboxes, and
allow them to make secure payments in just a
few clicks.

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Get an additional layer of security. Protect your customers' sensitive data by automatically replacing it with randomly generated numbers.

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What is a virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a credit card terminal—it allows you to manually process payments right from a web browser. It’s great for remote billing or taking credit card payments over the phone.

What devices can I use a virtual terminal on?

Our Converge Virtual Terminal is available as a web application and a mobile application. You can use all virtual terminal functions on computers and iOS and Android devices.

What cards can be charged with a virtual terminal?

All accepted credit cards are supported by Converge Virtual Terminal. If you need to accept debit transactions, you can pair your virtual terminal with our wireless or countertop PIN pads