Let's build a better future 
for all businesses.

We’re always working to find new and better ways to help businesses succeed, and we’re looking for people like you to help build a better future together.

Life's good at Paystone, NiceJob, and DataCandy.

We pride ourselves in creating an amazing work culture and rewarding career growth for our employees. We’re
proud to have landed some great awards because of our efforts, but mostly we’re just happy when our people are happy.

We live our
core values  everyday.

At Paystone we think people-first.

We start with the question “Is this something our customers will love?” We recognize that diversity is key to understanding and meeting diverse customer needs. By embracing a variety of perspectives and experiences, we ensure that our products and services resonate with all segments of our customer base.


We empower people to grow & win together.


We know that diverse teams are more innovative and resilient. By fostering an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique talents, we enable individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive and succeed collectively.


We are driven to improve lives.


We understand that diversity and inclusion are essential for creating positive impacts in the communities we serve. By championing diversity in our workforce and beyond, we not only drive positive social change but also enhance our ability to make meaningful differences in the lives of individuals worldwide.


Through these principles, we commit to leveraging diversity as a driving force for innovation, collaboration, and positive impact, both within our company and in the broader communities we serve.


Since 2022, Paystone has grown its diversity by 32%, where today 58% of our team identifies as having a diverse background. We commit to continue our work towards creating a space where diversity is celebrated, equity is ensured, inclusion is the norm, and belonging is felt by all.

We’re home to engineers, designers, number
crunchers and all kinds of other brilliant individuals.



Sarah C

“Everybody on the team has a voice, it makes you feel like you're part of a team looking to achieve the same goal.”

Sarah C.


“Paystone recognizes my skills, respects my abilities, and allows me to take initiative to get things accomplished . I feel trusted and my managers encourage me to grow and welcome my feedback and ideas.”

Adam D.


Adam D
Manpreet Headshot

“Every member on the team is inspiring, respectful and encouraging of each other's opinions, which in turn creates a positive and productive workspace.”

Manpreet K.


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Access to resources because we’re committed to growth from within.

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