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Looking for a job in fintech? We’re constantly building new products and services, and we’re looking for talented people
who are ready to jump right in!

Life's good at Paystone.

pride ourselves in creating an amazing work culture and rewarding career growth for our employees. We’re
proud to have landed some great awards because of our efforts, but mostly we’re just happy our people are happy

Damian Creative Director at Paystone

"The rapid speed of the fintech space has
challenged my creative thought process and has
allowed me to evolve as a designer"

Damian P.


"I have the freedom to bring my ideas to life while
gaining skills that are helping me develop my

Zak C.


Zak Product Marketer at Paystone

Some of our Paystone perks:

Heart Rate

Full Benefits

Because healthy people are happy people.


Ergonomic Workstations

Because comfort is key — especially at work.


Free Parking

Because who wants to pay for that?


Flexible Vacation

Because everyone deserves personal days and get-aways.

Ticket Copy

Company Events

Because you know what they say about all work and no play...

Controller 2 Copy

Games Room

Because sometimes you just need to play foosball.

Chicken Thighs Copy

Catered Lunches

Because it's always better when someone else makes it.

Oven Copy

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Because food is life — especially when you don’t have to pay for it.

Coffee Copy

Unlimited Free Coffee

Because caffeine = good. We also have tea...