Get the insights you need to succeed.

Quickly access key information about the health of your gift card and loyalty programs, view transaction data, and generate detailed reports.

Paystone reporting and analytics
Gift cards amount activity analytics dashboard

See a clear ROI.

How much more do your loyalty members spend vs your average customer? How high were your gift card sales last month? Our platform tracks data like loyalty activity, member spending, and gift card activity so you can see a clear ROI for your marketing efforts.

Understand your data at a glance.

Keep tabs on your gift card and customer loyalty business in real-time with your dashboard. Easily configure your dashboard to get the insights you need at a glance and generate detailed reports that can be saved for future use.

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Loyalty Insights

See how many active members are in your program, and view loyalty activity, visits, average spend per visit, and more.


Gift Card Insights

Gain a better understanding of gift card sales by viewing cards in circulation, transaction amounts, and card activity.


Customer Database

When a customer registers for your loyalty program, they’re added to your database, where you can access birthdays, contact info, and more.


Data Exports

Download standard Excel® and CSV files of your data —such as card, transaction, member, and store information — on demand.

Gift card and loyalty program reports

We make it simple for
you and your staff.

It’s easy to manage every aspect of your gift card, customer loyalty, and marketing automation efforts with reporting features designed to save you time.

View detailed reports.

Delve deeper into your loyalty and gift card KPIs by generating detailed reports on reward, member, and gift card activity that can be saved for future use.

Reconcile balances between locations.

Filter all data by store location and date, and use our clearing house report to reconcile gift card and reward balances between different locations.

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