Boost your cash flow with custom gift cards.

Our physical and digital gift card programs integrate with most major payment providers. Simply activate our online gift card software then sell, redeem, and reload gift cards right from your payment terminal.

  • Custom branded gift cards
  • Unlimited gift card transactions
  • Start selling within 10 business days
Gift card program for small businesses and larger enterprises

Attract new customers and see impressive returns with Paystone’s Gift Card solution.

Gift cards are one of the best proven marketing tools because they introduce new people to your business and generate more profit.


See better



of gift card balances are never spent and instead go right toward your bottom line.

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Attract new



of people who receive a gift card visit a new business as a result.


repeat visits.



of gift card recipients need more than one visit to spend the card’s entire value.


Boost seasonal
and daily sales.



of gift card recipients spend more than their gift card’s original value.

Promo cards

Increase sales and resolve
customer service issues.

Boost traffic and revenue during slow periods by issuing promo cards that expire on a date of your choosing. Offered as part of Paystone’s gift card program, promo cards are also a great way to bring back customers who have had unsatisfactory experiences and give you a second chance to remedy your reputation.

  • Create customized promotions
  • Generate buying urgency
  • Incentivize customers to return

Save time with
self-serve features.

In addition to custom gift cards for your business, you can free up staff time by directing customers to your own branded Check-Your-Card-Balance page where they can view their gift card balance and transaction history.

Branded check your card balance page
E-gift cards

Attract more customers with e-gift cards.

With our digital gift card program offering, your customers will have the freedom to buy your business’s e-gift cards from anywhere and send them to their loved ones via email.


Generate gift card revenue 24/7

Boost your gift card sales and cash flow, even outside business hours.


Grow your loyal customer base

Reach new people with custom branded e-gift cards that your customers can email to a recipient in just a few clicks.


Offer the digital gift card options people want

Your customers will be able to add gift cards to their Apple or Google Wallet and even re-gift their card to a friend.


Redeem digital gift cards in-store

Even if you don’t sell any products or services directly on your website, you can now sell custom branded e-gift cards which can be redeemed in-store right on your payment terminals.

What's the difference between promo cards and gift cards?

Watch this explainer video to discover the difference between promo cards and gift cards as well as the benefits of offering both to your customers.

If you would like to learn even more, visit our blog article that explains the difference between promo cards and gift cards in greater detail.

Launching your all-in-one gift card program is easy.


Import card data

Already with a gift card provider? No problem. We can import your existing card numbers, balances, and transaction history.


Order your gift cards

Design and order your own branded gift cards through our Card Store. Our design tools make it easy to create amazing cards as unique as your brand.


Sell and redeem

It’s as simple as any other transaction — activate, redeem, and reload your gift cards right from your payment terminal without paying any activation or transaction fees.


Track your sales

See all your gift card sales and track the success of your gift card program right in your Paystone BackOffice with our reporting and analytics tools.

Need to integrate with your systems?

Chances are we integrate with your POS and online
ordering systems

Want to check out our pricing?

Get it all from one provider at one affordable price.

Ready to grow your business?

I already sell gift certificates. Why would I need gift cards?

Compared to gift certificates, gift cards are much easier to track and manage (which is especially useful if you run multiple locations), and they’re more difficult for fraudsters to counterfeit. Their custom branding and convenient format is also a way for you to market to new customers right from their wallets. Plus consumers prefer receiving, carrying and giving plastic cards, so they kind of sell themselves. As a result, businesses who switch from paper gift certificates to plastic gift cards usually experience a large increase in revenue.

Can I create my own gift card?

Absolutely! Through our online store, you’ll be able to take your creativity to the next level by uploading your logo and a photo and
choosing your brand’s colours. Once you’ve confirmed your order, you’ll receive your cards within 10 business days.

Will I need to buy new hardware, like a tablet?

No, the gift card software will sit right on your payment terminal.

How do my customers check the amount left to spend on their cards?

Your customers will be able to check their gift card balance in two ways:

  1. In-person, in which case one of your employees would swipe their card on your terminal and select the “card balance” option on the menu.
  2. Online, by entering their card number on your self-serve customer portal.

How do I set up a gift card program?

You can launch a gift card program for your business with the following steps:

  1. Choose an appropriate gift card system
  2. Buy wholesale gift cards to resell to customers
  3. Follow government guidelines and regulations
  4. Provide training to your employees
  5. Promote gift cards to customers

See how easy it is to run your own gift card program!

What is a gift card program?

A gift card program helps businesses sell their goods and services through redeemable gift cards. It's the infrastructure that enables businesses to sell gift cards to customers and to facilitate the process of customers redeeming gift cards in exchange for merchandise.

What are the benefits of a gift card program?

Gift card programs have several benefits, for small to enterprise businesses. Implementing a gift card program helps:

  1. Boost your business’s revenue
  2. Increase your sales
  3. Enhance your brand’s appeal
  4. Attract new customers
  5. Allow you to build relationships with your customers

What is gift card software?

A gift card management software or platform functions as a technological tool that helps you as a business owner generate, oversee, and dispense gift cards to your customers. This software acts as a centralized focal point for all gift card-related activities, providing diverse functionalities aimed at optimizing the entire gift card workflow. A high-quality gift card software will also provide done-for-you reporting and analytics insights about gift card sales by viewing cards in circulation, transaction amounts, and card activity.

How are gift cards profitable?

Businesses profit from the gift cards they sell in three key ways:

  1. They make money when people buy their gift cards throughout the year.
  2. They also make profits when those purchased gift cards expire or go unused with unused or expired gift cards.
  3. Lastly, businesses make money on gift cards when retailers spend more than the amount on the card.

How does a digital gift card work?

When a customer buys a digital or e-gift card, they simply include the email of the person they want to send it to (e.g., a friend or family member). The recipient will get it in their email inbox, then claim and activate it.

Who pays the activation fee on a gift card?

Typically, the buyer of the gift card (or prepaid card) will pay the activation fee. For example, on a $50 gift card purchase, the total would come out to $54.95 as a result of the $4.95 activation fee. This means the recipient of the gift card will have no additional charges when they use their gift card in-store or online; they simply have $50 of purchasing power.