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Pandora Masonville Gains Payment Security and Enhances Customer Experience with Paystone

Author: Zakry Chami

Pandora, an international jewellery retailer with locations throughout Canada, aims to offer high-quality jewellery and customer service to women across the world. Pandora Masonville, one of the brand’s London, Ontario, franchises, needed a way to heighten its payment security and convenience to bring customers the superior shopping experience that they’ve come to expect from the Pandora brand. Then came Paystone.


Enhanced Quality of Service

Before partnering with Paystone, one of Pandora’s biggest challenges with its payment provider was unreliability. According to Anahid Kossaian, store manager at Pandora Masonville, the store frequently experienced connectivity and service issues with its payment terminals, which ate up a lot of the team’s time.

“When we realized that our focus was shifting from the customer to dealing with our payment technology, we knew it was time for a better provider,” says Kossaian. Since switching to Paystone’s more effective and reliable payment technology, the store manager and her staff have more time to focus on Pandora customers and cater to their needs.

“It was an easy decision for us to make the switch to Paystone, and our experience since has been fantastic,” states Kossaian. “We’ve realized savings in both time and costs, we’ve had little to no technology issues, and the customer service we’ve received has been outstanding.”

Increased Security and Efficiency

As Kossaian explains, Pandora Masonville had security issues with its previous provider, costing the business both time and money. Now, with Paystone, the jewellery retailer has dedicated support and premium payment security to protect the business and its customers.

“Paystone has played a big role in helping us reach our goals in terms of both efficiency and security. They’ve been very helpful with chargebacks and keeping customer security top of mind. When situations have called for technical support, they’ve handled it immediately,” recalls Kossaian.

A Better Customer Experience

Pandora Masonville also needed a scalable payment solution that would accommodate the location’s seasonal fluctuations in traffic. During busy times, the number of staff members increases from 12 to 25 to assist with the influx of customers, but counter space remains limited. Paystone provided both countertop and wireless point-of-sale solutions that allow staff to cater to customers anywhere in the store.

“If we have a customer with particular needs or mobility concerns or if there are large groups of customers in the store, having the ability to take the wireless device to the customer improves our service dramatically,” says Kossaian.

Now Pandora Masonville can provide its customers with enhanced payment convenience, shorter lines and decreased wait times during busy seasons.


About Pandora

Pandora offers affordable, hand-finished jewellery made to the highest environmental and ethical standards. Sold through more than 7,700 points of sale and connecting with more than 15 million Facebook fans and a little over 13 million Pandora Club members, Pandora is the most recognised jewellery brand in the world.