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Are Canadians “Brand Switchers?”

Author: Paystone

Brand loyalty is being challenged in Canada, according to a recent study. This first-ever Canadian Influencer Study explored Canadians’ tendencies for switching preferred brands and services as well as the influencers behind such decisions.

According to the study, 74% of the respondents have switched a preferred brand or service in the past year, while an additional 69% plan to make a change in the year ahead. While many different industries are vulnerable, the study showed travel services and hotels are at the highest risk. Canadian “brand switchers” cited family (66%), friends (65%), and trusted experts (35%) as having the greatest influence on a decision to try a new product or service.

The biggest lessoned learned from the study is this: businesses, and hotels in particular, must deliver an excellent experience throughout the entire customer journey.  From parking, personnel and room décor to amenities, cleanliness and an efficient checkout process, hospitality merchants need to listen and act upon customer comments to maintain brand loyalty.

With family and friends among the heaviest influencers, it seems as if word of mouth, online review sites and social media are more powerful than any slick marketing campaign.  By tapping into the heavy influencers and listening to customer comments and gripes, businesses have the opportunity to tell stories based on truths versus pushing marketing slogans.

Consumers have become more disloyal over the years and Millennials in particular enjoy trying new brands, so businesses need to invest in customer retention strategies to ensure repeat business. Implementing a loyalty points program or a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to execute surveys, and even a referral program, are viable methods for engaging and retaining happy customers.