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How to Increase Your Charity's Revenue With eCommerce

If you’re looking to increase your nonprofit’s yearly revenue, eCommerce is an effective option to generate publicity and boost earnings. Selling products and services in addition to accepting donations provides your supporters with more options to give and promotes your cause beyond your current member base. ECommerce also allows nonprofits to leverage the consumer trends that benefit businesses, such as Black Friday or mobile shopping, and use them to fund a good cause.

Here are some eCommerce tips to help your organization raise more and do more!


Evaluate what eCommerce channel is right for you

Online marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy can be a hassle free way to sell your products, however, there are many solutions out there that make it just as easy to host your own online store. This option allows you more freedom and the ability to better build out your brand and messaging. Another consideration is opting for the same provider for both your eCommerce and donation platform so you can more easily monitor all your transactions.


Think beyond physical products

While branded t-shirts, hats and mugs can help fund your campaigns, think about other ways you can offer your customer something of value.
For instance, are there any services your organization can offer? You can also consider packaging a donation itself as a product or gift, for instance, buying a child a years worth of school supplies. A great example is World Vision, who offers people the option to purchase and give basic necessities such as as lighting.


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Tell a story with your eCommerce website

Use compelling graphics to communicate what your cause is all about and how you’re making the world a better place. Using a blend of visuals and data to show the impact of funds raised is a great way to strengthen visitors’ connection your cause.


Make user experience a priority

Have you ever tried to buy something online, only to be endlessly frustrated by unresponsive drop-down menus or a cluttered catalogue? You probably never went back. Online retail in the non-profit space is no different which means it’s essential to make your eCommerce experience one that the user enjoys. You'll want to prioritize the following when setting up your eCommerce:

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Optimize page load time
  • Easy-to-use search and navigation
  • Useful product information
  • High quality product photos
  • Convenient check-out process


Embrace social media

Social media can be a highly effective way of promoting your product. Go beyond just sharing your products on these platforms — try using strong CTAs, promotions or hashtag tools to engage and drive people to your website. If you’re selling physical products like apparel, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great channels to encourage your customers to share, tag, or hashtag your products being used in real life.


Gain insights with analytics

Understanding what your customers are buying, where they are coming from, and at what point potential customers are dropping off on your website can help you optimize your platform and products. You might also learn things about your charity’s supporters that you didn’t know before, allowing you to better target your future fundraising campaigns.




Now that you have some best practices to start developing your charity’s eCommerce strategy, remember that the twofold goal of your strategy is to increase your earnings but also to engage your supporters.


If you’re ready to start increasing your earning potential learn more about our all-in-one fundraising and eCommerce solutions.



Katya Heckendorn

Katya Heckendorn

Katya Heckendorn is a content marketing strategist specializing in the fundraising space. She likes all things peanut butter and thinks dogs are pretty cool.