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How to Make Your Customers Love You

Author: Paystone

Remember the television sitcom Cheers? The comedy centred on a neighbourhood bar “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” and a cold one was served with a smile (and a good wisecrack). The establishment offered free billiards, friendly faces and a bartender ready and willing to listen to customer woes.

Businesses who hope for a meaningful, long-term relationship with repeat customers should strive to capture the magic of that fictional Boston bar. In order to keep customers happy and turn them into brand loyalists, try these simple tips:

Reward Loyalty

Customers want to know they’re appreciated, especially if they’ve been shopping or dining with you for years. By creating a loyalty rewards program, you can show them that you value their commitment.

Improve Customer Service

The customer service experience should always be excellent for the customer, no matter the situation. The last memory a customer has of your company should be a positive one. So, consider hiring employees that have a personality the opposite of Carla, the cynical Cheers cocktail waitress.

Say Thanks

Sending regular “thank you” notes can go a long way towards making customers feel loved, especially if you offer extra perks on special occasions, such as birthdays or during the holidays. And if customers feel appreciated, they’re likely to stay loyal to your brand in return.

Keep Your Word

If you promise something, deliver on it. That means overnight shipping, special discounts on certain days and no-questions-asked exchanges. If you fail to keep promises, your customers will remember it clearly and tell others.

Connect on a Personal Level

Research shows that customers are happier when they receive personalized treatment. This could mean training your staff to get to know regular customers by name, similar to the Cheers gang yelling ‘NORM’ each time the character stepped through the bar’s door. Additionally, social media marketing gives your company a “face” making you appear friendlier and more accessible.

Stay in Touch

Every company should have an opt-in mailing list and stay in touch with customers through personalized emails, newsletters, and messages. Give those who sign up exclusive benefits, such as discount coupons or information about special sales before they go public.

Ask for Feedback

Don’t assume that you know what your customers want – ask them. Use your customer rewards program to gather data about their shopping habits and then customize rewards and offers based on your findings.