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NRF’s Big Show in the Big Apple

Author: Paystone

“Retail’s BIG Show” is officially underway at the Javits Center in New York City. The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Convention & EXPO earned that nickname years ago because the event is the only place to see and experience all things retail.

After more than a century, it remains the event for retail industry professionals from the around the world. The four day event offers unparalleled education, collegial networking, and an enormous Expo Hall featuring the best technologies and solutions. DataCandy is debuting its loyalty and gift card platform at the NRF event (Booth #652) to educate retailers about unwrapping the powerful insights that come from collecting loyalty program data.

Retailers with data-centric cultures such as Target, Kroger, Macy’s and Nordstrom are proof that quicker, more optimized and personalized shopping experiences are winning over consumers. To accomplish this, the best strategy is to analyze consumer data and determine what shapes purchase decisions. That’s where data from loyalty program members can tip the scales in the retailer’s favour.

Collecting data via a loyalty rewards program will identify the highly-committed customers driving the majority of store sales so retailers can:

  • Allocate marketing dollars more effectively and offer rewards that are more meaningful to increase margins
  • Easily compare same store loyalty sales year to year
  • Move slow inventory items via targeted, relevant campaigns
  • Generate personalized campaigns with relevant promotions to retain loyal shoppers
  • Increase active engagement using each loyalty member’s preferred mode of communication
  • Track trends and reward shoppers for the behaviour you seek

Additionally, capturing sweet, SKU-based data empowers retailers to segment and target loyalty members based on past purchases. After all, knowing what makes your active loyalty members tick is the key to driving stronger relationships, further spending and ultimately, repeat business.

If you’re in the Big Apple for the “Big Show,” be sure to stop by Booth #652!