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The “Why” Behind the Loyalty Consultant

Author: Paystone

Looking to an outside consultant, or a coach, to assist with a specific business project is not uncommon. It happens quite frequently, actually. So why do retailers hesitate to engage a strategic coach when it comes to amplifying a loyalty program?

When developing a customer loyalty program, it’s essential to take both the customer needs and business requirements into consideration. The financial model of a loyalty program is often overlooked, as is the “how” behind strategies and mechanisms. If your loyalty program is customer-centric, but it’s not adding value to your business in terms of customer retention or acquisition, your ROI will be disappointing.

Professional loyalty consulting services can help retailers see both sides of the coin. Consultant experts can share industry insights, explain the best process for points issuance and help you dissect shopping behaviours to design targeted promotions. A loyalty consulting service can help you develop an attractive engagement program that delivers real value to the consumer – and achieves your business objectives at the same time.

In your effort to identify and recruit a helpful loyalty coach, here are some qualities and qualifications to keep mind.

It’s best to forge a relationship with a consultant who is knowledgeable to your local market and has experience relevant to your space. This will ensure a more effective end product. Second, setting up a successful loyalty program requires more than cherry picking the right mechanism. A good loyalty expert will be strategic and proficient about theory and model. The winning coach will refer to real-world field experience and most importantly, follow industry best practices and methodologies.