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Why Restaurants Shouldn’t Resist Adding Mobile to the Menu

Author: Paystone

In today’s society, we check our mobile device an average of 150 times a day. When it comes to Millennials, that stat can easily be doubled. QSR Magazine recently highlighted nine Fast Food Trends for 2015, and not surprisingly, noted that mobile technology will affect every facet of the restaurant business in the year ahead. pulled together their own list of 2015 predictions, which also included a strong focus on mobile.

From cashless payments and loyalty rewards to delivery apps, mobile technology is a driving force restauranteurs can’t ignore. According to Bonnie Riggs, a senior restaurant analyst for NPD, restaurants have to recognize that consumer needs are changing and they must stay in tune with these changes in order to drive traffic. It seems clear that “the change” Riggs is referencing equates to adopting and embracing mobile in order to stay connected and engaged with guests beyond the restaurant dining room.

While you should take a few minutes to read the articles mentioned above for an in-depth look at all the 2015 trends and predictions, here is a compilation of the highlights specific to mobile:

  • No one wants to be concerned with cash anymore, so expect mobile payments and automated E-Z pay machines to see a huge bump in 2015
  • In the U.S., mobile payments are expected to triple to nearly $9 billion in 2015
  • The opportunity for restaurants to capture the data of consumers via mobile is a treasure trove
  • New mobile developments can be seen in ordering, marketing, loyalty programs and payment
  • Software developers are combining applications into a single solution to add a layer of convenience to limited-service restaurants
  • The advice for restaurant owners from most experts is to take the mobile plunge—or else
  • Smaller operators should start investigating mobile now so they’re not behind the curve