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What Does Work-Life Balance Mean to Women at Paystone

Author: Irum Ahmed

Before the pandemic, I knew how I worked and how I managed my personal commitments; it all made sense. 

And then the pandemic happened. 

For someone who had never worked from home for even a day in her career, I had to relearn how to bridge my work and personal life. Being a caregiver to someone with special needs and an elderly parent all the while working from home and still being productive at work, it was a challenge to overcome. It was also a great learning experience that changed the way I viewed work life balance. 

An article by the Globe and Mail noted that women in particular are reassessing their work lives post-pandemic. And a study by KPMG identified that “nearly 40 percent of career-minded women identified work-life balance as the most important consideration”. I couldn’t agree more. 

The following explores how women at Paystone are reassessing their work-life balance and how Paystone is helping them achieve that.

Work-from-home or anywhere 

At Paystone, it’s more than shifting to a remote-first organization, it’s about having the freedom to work from anywhere in order to do your best work.

Work-life balance is more than a token statement, it's part of the fabric that makes up Paystone’s company culture.

For me, I have peace of mind knowing I can step away when I need to support my family and still meet my work commitments. 

For Emmanuelle, our Convert Strategist, it’s about being able to live abroad and work in a career she enjoys, while still pursuing her passion of helping others through her volunteer work. 

Fostering a culture built on trust

Being afforded the flexibility to choose where you work is amazing, but is only impactful if it’s promoted and encouraged.

Devyn, our Content Marketing Director says

Offering a work-life balance on paper is not enough. Employers need to instill, uphold, and even encourage a culture of work in balance with life’s priorities. Paystone does this well. If you need time for appointments, picking up family from the airport, even if you choose to work a while from a different time zone - everything fits and it’s all perfectly acceptable.

People often ask if this gets taken advantage of, and at Paystone I don’t believe this is true. This is a relationship between the employer and the employee based on trust and respect, and when that’s reciprocated good work gets done and people are happy.

Krista, our Onboarding Team Lead says

Working from home, I feel more empowered in my role than ever because there is a sense of trust. I have been in roles previously where there was always this question of ‘what are you doing?’ and feeling micromanaged. The freedom given by Paystone to work from home, or anywhere, and knowing that I’m trusted to do my work actually drives me to work harder.

Unlimited vacation policy

Even with finding the right work-life balance, the concept of burnout has become more prevalent post-pandemic. Women in particular are also prioritizing the option of extended time off when searching for jobs. 

Paystone prioritizes this by implementing an unlimited vacation policy. Understanding that no matter what stage of life you’re in, a mother, caregiver or single and just starting your career, everyone’s time-off needs are different.

For me, I’ve been able to achieve my lifelong passion of traveling to different parts of the world, and with our work-from anywhere policy, have been fortunate to have the flexibility to still do my job.

women work life balance benefits

Feeling heard

In a talent-dense market, employers need to do more for the women in their workforce than just provide more time off and a flexible work environment. They need to foster a culture of open and honest communication where feedback is heard and actioned.

At Paystone, we use a software called Culture Amp to run quarterly engagement surveys and results are presented during company-wide gatherings. This allows leadership and management to lead with transparency and show accountability to act on the feedback they receive. 

In speaking to Melissa, our Talent Acquisition Specialist she says

Paystone has allowed me to be my total self. Something great about Paystone is how they believe in their employees and always continue to make everyone feel like an individual. Paystone has always shown up supporting women, they listen to our thoughts, consider our opinions and make sure we are represented in decisions as individual participants for the company. I have never felt isolated as a woman, whether it’s allowing me to take chances to present in pitches or making decisions for the company. I always feel celebrated for my achievements as an individual participant in the company's success.

Is Paystone the right fit for you?

We’re all unique in the way we disconnect and reset our minds. Whether it’s quality time spent with family, travelling the world or just simply having some personal time, at Paystone you have the ability to choose what work-life balance means to you.  

If you value a flexible and supportive culture that trusts you to decide how you do your best work, then you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at the open roles on the Paystone team, and find the work-life balance you’ve been dreaming of. 

Irum Ahmed

Irum Ahmed

With over 10 years of experience in the Talent field, Irum draws passion from connecting people to careers that inspire and excite them. When she's not connecting talent, you'll catch her traveling to experience new cultures or spending quality time with family.