lane 3000-1
Countertop Terminal

Lane/3000 PIN Pad

  • Free personal guided setup
  • Free delivery to anywhere in Canada
  • interac
  • mastercard
  • visa
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • union-pay
  • discover


Accept in-store debit and credit payments by connecting the Lane/3000 countertop PIN pad to your Virtual Terminal. Consolidate your sales reports and simplify your checkout experience with the Lane/3000.


  • Payment Flexibility - Accept EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments
  • Quick Checkout - Be ready for fast-paced retail environments. The Lane/3000 is easy to handle and takes up minimal counter space
  • Plug and Play - Easily connect this PIN pad with your POS or plug it into your computer for use with your Virtual Terminal
  • PCI PTS Certified - Keep your business safe by ensuring all transaction data stays highly secure


  • Contactless payment reader
  • Magstripe reader
  • Chip card reader
  • 2.8-inch white backlit screen
  • USB terminal connection
  • USB power connection
  • Size: 7.08 in x 3.26 in x 1.69 in
  • Weight: 0.56 lbs


How does the Lane/3000 work with Converge Virtual Terminal?
The Lane/3000 comes with an attached cable that plugs into your PC computer via USB connection. You can then use the Lane/3000 on your countertop to accept in-person debit and credit card payments. When a customer taps or inserts their card, your Virtual Terminal will process the transaction and all transaction data will be available through your Virtual Terminal.

Does the Lane/3000 connect to mobile phones?
The Lane/3000 does not connect to mobile phones or tablets. If you are using the Virtual Terminal on your phone and wish to accept debit and credit, you will need to use the Ingenico Link/2500 Wireless PIN Pad instead of the Lane/3000.